Effect of Aluminum Nano-Particles on Microrelief and Dielectric Properties of PE+TlInSe2 Composite Materials


The paper presents the results of studies surface microrelief, frequency-temperature characteristics of the imaginary part of the dielectric permittivity and dielectric loss of PE+TlInSe2 composite materials in 25C - 150C temperature and 25 Hz - 1 MHz frequency range before and after application of the aluminum nano-particles with a size of 50 nm. The change in the amount of semicon-ductor filler TlInSe2 and aluminum nano-particles changes the state of the surface and the frequency-temperature characteristics of composite materials PE+xvol.%TlInSe2, which allows to obtain composites with the desired dielectric permittivity and dielectric loss.

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Gojayev, E. , Ahmadova, K. , Safarova, S. , Djafarova, G. and Mextiyeva, S. (2015) Effect of Aluminum Nano-Particles on Microrelief and Dielectric Properties of PE+TlInSe2 Composite Materials. Open Journal of Inorganic Non-metallic Materials, 5, 11-19. doi: 10.4236/ojinm.2015.51002.

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