Simultaneous Multimode Oscillation of Stress-Compensated Cut Quartz Resonator with Narrow-Band Wide Variable-Range Quartz Crystal Oscillator


A multimode-quartz-crystal oscillator was developed to excite stable dual-mode resonance at different frequencies: The oscillation of the 3rd harmonic resonance of the principle C-mode and an additional resonance B-mode of SC-cut crystal. Harmonic combinations of the 3rd and fundamental mode of B-mode with the 3rd harmonics of C-mode are demonstrated. The measurement of the temperature dependence of the oscillation frequency is demonstrated along with the stability determined by root Allan variance. Dependence on the open conductance of the active circuit and the dependence on the coupling capacitors are discussed.

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Sato, T. and Akitsu, T. (2014) Simultaneous Multimode Oscillation of Stress-Compensated Cut Quartz Resonator with Narrow-Band Wide Variable-Range Quartz Crystal Oscillator. Engineering, 6, 973-988. doi: 10.4236/eng.2014.613088.

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