Quality of Life of Chronic Haemodialytic Patients at Cotonou Teaching Hospital (BENIN)


Introduction: The objectives of this work were to assess haemodialytic patients’ quality of life (QoL) and to identify factors affecting this QoL. Patients and Methods: It was a three (03) month monocentric and transversal study (from October 24, 2011 to January 27, 2012) conducted in the haemodialysis unit at Hubert Koutoukou Maga Teaching Hospital (CNHU-HKM) in Cotonou. Patients included were residents of Benin, aged 18 years and above, chronic haemodialysis in this unit for over 3 months, and willfully gave their consent. Quality of life was evaluated using questionnaire on Kidney Disease Quality of Life Short-Form French version 1.2 (KDQoL-SF 36). Epidemiological data, nephropathy etiologies and purification parametres were recorded in patients files. Data statistical analysis was performed using SPSS software 11.5. Results: In total 131 patients were involved in the study. The average age was 50.27 ± 12.17 years with a sex ratio of 1.69. Nephroangiosclerosis was the 1st cause. Most patients 128 (97.71 %) received two haemodialysis sessions on weekly basis. The Average Overall Score (AOS) based respectively on SF 36 and KDQoL was 48.55 and 58.55. The average of both SF 36 and KDQoL AOS was 53.55. Factors affecting hemodialytic patients quality of life were vitality, limitations related to mental health and physical condition, burden of kidney disease, effect of the disease on daily life and occupational status. The study revealed that: Patients education level was correlated with vitality (p < 0.017); The number of haemodialyses sessions was correlated with the consequences of kidney disease on daily life (p < 0.025). Conclusion: It is necessary to streng-then the staff by providing a psychologist and a dietician and also build new haemodialysis centres.

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Ka, E. , Vigan, J. , Lemrabott, A. , Zohoun, N. , Cissé, M. , Ahoui, S. , Faye, M. , Keita, Y. , Fall, K. , Agboton, B. , Niang, A. and Diouf, B. (2014) Quality of Life of Chronic Haemodialytic Patients at Cotonou Teaching Hospital (BENIN). Open Journal of Nephrology, 4, 131-141. doi: 10.4236/ojneph.2014.44019.

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