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Preparation of MgAl LDHs Intercalated with Amines and Effect on Thermal Behavior for Poly(vinyl chloride)

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MgAl LDHs intercalated with CO(NH2)2, NH4Cl and NH3·H2O were prepared by co-precipitation and XRD, FT-IR, TGA-DTA and SEM techniques were employed for characterization. The results indicated that the layer-layer spacing of LDHs was enlarged by 0.169, 0.285 and 0.227 Å with the intercalation of CO(NH2)2, NH+4 and NH3, separately. The effects on thermal stability and degradation behavior of synthesized LDHs where mole ratios of Mg/Al/urea = 3:1:1, Mg/Al/NH4Cl = 3:1:1.5 and Mg/Al/NH3·H2O = 3:1:0.5 were investigated by Congo Red Method and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) from 25°C - 800°C under N2. The TGA and DTA results showed, by incorporating 5% MgAl-CO(NH2)2 LDH, the dehydrochlorination temperature of PVC composites is 12°C higher than MgAl-NH+4 and MgAl-NH3 LDHs. MgAl-NH3 LDH enhances the ending temperature of the first degradation stage of PVC composites by 8°C compared with MgAl LDH. The LDH intercalated with CO(NH2)2 is proved to be an effective thermal stabilizer for PVC processing.

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Xue, X. , Zhang, H. and Zhang, S. (2014) Preparation of MgAl LDHs Intercalated with Amines and Effect on Thermal Behavior for Poly(vinyl chloride). Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry, 4, 258-266. doi: 10.4236/ampc.2014.412028.


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