The Cartography and the Spatial Representations: Search by Perfect Map


The activities of the professionals working on cartographic products have been highlighted especially in recent years. The history, the concepts and categories of cartography cannot be neglected in using this type of tool since the use of elements that make a cartographic product, as an example: map, chart, plan, globe, and a scale model should be used since the unawareness of techniques of cartography and the absence of the components of a map may hinder the understanding of what is intended to represent cartographically. This text is a contribution to the discussion of advances in cartography including errors and absence of maps, including a brief discussion of the characteristics of cartographic language nowadays and the search for perfection in cartography.

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Silva, C. , Silva, J. , Chagas, C. and Castro, C. (2014) The Cartography and the Spatial Representations: Search by Perfect Map. Journal of Geographic Information System, 6, 624-635. doi: 10.4236/jgis.2014.66052.

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