Recording of the Intensity of the Electric and Magnetic Fields at 50 Hz and of the Electromagnetic Field in the Range 100 kHz - 3 GHz in the City and Province of Gjirocastër, Albania


For the first time the intensity of the electric and magnetic field in the range of electrical power supply and power transmission lines (50 Hz) and in the range of radio-television broadcasting and telecommunications (100 kHz - 3 GHz) was measured in occupational sites and power plants of the city of Gjirocaster, Albania, and its surroundings. The interest is mainly due to the absence of laws limiting field intensity and to the uncontrolled proliferation of emission sources for mobile telephones in Albania.

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Fernández, M. , Luches, A. , Bakuli, V. and Kokalari, I. (2014) Recording of the Intensity of the Electric and Magnetic Fields at 50 Hz and of the Electromagnetic Field in the Range 100 kHz - 3 GHz in the City and Province of Gjirocastër, Albania. Journal of Environmental Protection, 5, 1564-1571. doi: 10.4236/jep.2014.517148.

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