Swimming Heart: A Pleural, Pulmonary and Pericardial Disseminated Thymoma


Thymoma is the most common neoplasm of the anterior mediastinum and accounts for one quarter of all mediastinal tumours and half of all anterior mediastinal masses. Pericardial effusion may be present in approximately 20% of cases. This report presents a patient with a previously diagnosed thymoma without surgical indication and with poor response to chemotherapy and radiotherapy who had a pericardial effusion that likely resulted from the malignancy dissemination to pericardium.

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Fernandes, L. , Rodrigues, A. , Clérigo, V. , Rocha, C. , Sargento, D. and Silva, G. (2014) Swimming Heart: A Pleural, Pulmonary and Pericardial Disseminated Thymoma. Open Journal of Clinical Diagnostics, 4, 212-216. doi: 10.4236/ojcd.2014.44030.

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