Fibroadenoma of the Ectopic Axillary Breast Tissue: Sonographic Appearances


Ectopic breast tissue is reported to occur in 0.4% - 6% of women. Breast neoplasms may develop in ectopic breast tissue, as in eutopic breast tissue. The most frequent condition in ectopic breast is breast cancer. Fibroadenomas of ectopic breast tissue have been reported, but are rare. We report two cases of fibroadenomas of ectopic axillary breast tissues. The sonographic appearance of the nodules was spherical and hypoechoic. We found the component of breast tissue near the nodule. It is important to diagnose fibroadenomas of ectopic breast tissue before a histologic examination.

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Rong, X. , Zhu, Q. , Jia, W. , Ma, T. , Fang, Y. , Zhou, Y. and Wang, X. (2014) Fibroadenoma of the Ectopic Axillary Breast Tissue: Sonographic Appearances. Open Journal of Clinical Diagnostics, 4, 205-211. doi: 10.4236/ojcd.2014.44029.

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