Addressing Challenges in the Management of Paediatric Intussusceptions in the District Hospital


Intussusception is the leading cause of intestinal obstruction in children and its management can be challenging especially in centres with inadequate resources where this problem becomes more daunting. Nineteen cases of intussusception in the paediatric age group which were managed by medical officers in a district Hospital in Ghana are discussed. The outcomes of cases treated by open surgery, and those managed by pneumatic reduction were studied. We highlight the use of an improvised set up used in achieving pneumatic reduction thereby obviating operative reduction.

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Gudugbe, S. , Dakubo, J. and Essoun, S. (2014) Addressing Challenges in the Management of Paediatric Intussusceptions in the District Hospital. Open Journal of Pediatrics, 4, 257-261. doi: 10.4236/ojped.2014.44035.

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