Analyzing Land Cover Change—The Impact of the Motorway Construction and Their Operation on Landscape Structure


The aim of our study was to assess the influence of motorways on landscape structure changes. The research was situated on segments of the D1 and D3 motorways in the Czech Republic. The method used for determining the impacts of the construction and operation of the motorway on the landscape structure was based on comparing the development of the land cover types in an area where the motorway was present for almost the entire monitored period (D1 motorway segment) with the development of the land cover types in an area where the motorway was constructed towards the end of the monitored period (D3 motorway segment). Monitored period was between years 1949, 1988 (1984 segment of motorway D3) and 2007. Source materials were processed and analyzed in the ArcGIS software environment. Our comparison indicated that the main differences between segments were in the level of development of commercial, industrial and agricultural built-up area in the vicinity of motorways. The existence of the motorway also contributed to the development of residential areas. It should be noted that in both cases there was also an increase in the extension of shrubs and scattered vegetation, and in small quantities also category of forest.

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Keken, Z. , Sebkova, M. and Skalos, J. (2014) Analyzing Land Cover Change—The Impact of the Motorway Construction and Their Operation on Landscape Structure. Journal of Geographic Information System, 6, 559-571. doi: 10.4236/jgis.2014.65046.

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