Bell Correlations without Entanglement: A Local Wave Model Using Gaussian-Poisson Statistics and Single Count-Pair Selection


Based on the violation of Bell inequalities, it has been believed that the derivation of Bell correlations requires a quantum description that depends on entanglement. However, the present paper computes Bell correlations among polarization analyzer output intensities from two spatially separated sets of superposed random wave pairs. To obtain proper Bell correlations, the general statistics must be modified to represent single event pair selection. The correlations between analyzer output components are then in one-to-one correspondence with those computed from the entanglement formalism.

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Sica, L. (2014) Bell Correlations without Entanglement: A Local Wave Model Using Gaussian-Poisson Statistics and Single Count-Pair Selection. Applied Mathematics, 5, 2899-2907. doi: 10.4236/am.2014.518276.

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