New Applications of the Noise Spectroscopy for Hydrogen Sensors


Peculiarities of the low-frequency noise spectroscopy of hydrogen gas sensors made on MgFeO4 n-type porous semiconductor covered by the palladium catalytic nanosize particles are investigated. Behavior of the low-frequency noise spectral density and its exponent value from sensitive layer thickness in the frequency range 2 - 300 Hz are analyzed. Sensitivity of the sensor calculated by the noise method is several tenth times higher as compared with the resistive method. It is shown that besides of the well-known applications, noise spectroscopy can be also used for definition of the unknown thickness of gas sensitive layer, for definition of the sensitive layer subsurface role in the formation of the low-frequency noises and for definition of the intensity of trapping-detrapping processes of the gas molecules.

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Gasparyan, F. , Khondkaryan, H. and Aleksanyan, M. (2014) New Applications of the Noise Spectroscopy for Hydrogen Sensors. Journal of Modern Physics, 5, 1662-1669. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2014.516166.

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