Public Participation and Political Culture: A Case Study of Voting Behavior in Jombang Regency


This paper tries to describe a piece of the phenomena of shifting behavior of voters in Indonesia’s democratic transition era. It focused on Jombang district of East Java’s grassroots level. This study adopted an institutional approach to understanding local context of political and social institution as actors that have important roles in shifting behavior. The changing pattern of public participation not absolutely dependent on regulations had been made by the people, representative body or regional political leaders; but based on specific issues rooted from the geographical-economical and socio-religious conditions.

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Mochtar, H. (2014) Public Participation and Political Culture: A Case Study of Voting Behavior in Jombang Regency. Open Journal of Political Science, 4, 244-249. doi: 10.4236/ojps.2014.44026.

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