Photocatalytic Activity of Anodized Titanium Sheets under Ultra-Violet and Visible Light Irradiation


A commercially pure titanium sheet precipitated TiC in the surface layer was fabricated by anodic oxidation in NH4NO3 solution and heat treatment in air. The fabricated sheet showed relatively high photocatalytic activity in 0.1 M KI solution, which was close to the activity level of the P-25 particle made by Degussa Corporation. It exhibited photocatalytic activity in antifungal and antivirus tests under black light irradiation. The better photocatalytic activity under black light irradiation is considered to be related to the formation of anatase and rutile type titanium dioxides and rough surface. It also showed photocatalytic activity under visible light irradiation, which is considered to be attributable to carbon and nitrogen doping in titanium dioxide.

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Kaneko, M. , Tokuno, K. , Yamagishi, K. , Wada, T. and Hasegawa, T. (2014) Photocatalytic Activity of Anodized Titanium Sheets under Ultra-Violet and Visible Light Irradiation. Journal of Surface Engineered Materials and Advanced Technology, 4, 369-378. doi: 10.4236/jsemat.2014.46041.

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