A Direct Adaptive MNN Control Method for Stage Having Paired Reluctance Linear Actuator with Hysteresis


Reluctance linear actuator, which has a unique property of small volume, low current and can produce great force, is a very promising actuator for the fine stage of the next-generation lithographic scanner. But the strong nonlinearities including the hysteresis, between the current and output force limits the reluctance linear actuator applications in nanometer positioning. In this paper, a new nonlinear control method is proposed for the stage having paired reluctance linear actuator with hysteresis using the direct adaptive neural network, which is used as a learning machine of nonlinearity. The feature of this method lies in that the nonlinear compensator in conventional methods, which computed the current reference from that of the input and output force is not used. This naturally overcomes the robustness issue with respect to parameter uncertainty. Simulation results show that the proposed method is effective in overcoming the nonlinearity between the input current and output force and promising in precision stage control.

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Liu, Y. , Liu, K. and Yang, X. (2014) A Direct Adaptive MNN Control Method for Stage Having Paired Reluctance Linear Actuator with Hysteresis. Intelligent Control and Automation, 5, 213-223. doi: 10.4236/ica.2014.54023.

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