Preprocessing Model of Manuscripts in Javanese Characters


Manuscript preprocessing is the earliest stage in transliteration process of manuscripts in Javanese scripts. Manuscript preprocessing stage is aimed to produce images of letters which form the manuscripts to be processed further in manuscript transliteration system. There are four main steps in manuscript preprocessing, which are manuscript binarization, noise reduction, line segmentation, and character segmentation for every line image produced by line segmentation. The result of the test on parts of PB.A57 manuscript which contains 291 character images, with 95% level of confidence concluded that the success percentage of preprocessing in producing Javanese character images ranged 85.9% - 94.82%.

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Widiarti, A. , Harjoko, A. ,  , M. and Hartati, S. (2014) Preprocessing Model of Manuscripts in Javanese Characters. Journal of Signal and Information Processing, 5, 112-122. doi: 10.4236/jsip.2014.54014.

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