The Peculiarities of Acoustical Monitoring of Moving Objects in Shallow Water Areas


The article considers peculiarities of underwater monitoring of moving objects in the shallow water areas, particularly seaports. These areas are characterized by a multitude of factors influencing the efficiency of detection. Nonstationarity conditions of sound propagation and specific interference caused by shipping are the major factors. The various algorithms for the space-time signal processing have been tested and some experimental results are presented. It has been shown that the use of clipped mode in conjunction with the correlation processing of wideband signals and subsequent speckle tracking allow realizing high efficiency of monitoring.

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Monteiro, M. , Svet, V. and Sandilands, D. (2014) The Peculiarities of Acoustical Monitoring of Moving Objects in Shallow Water Areas. Open Journal of Acoustics, 4, 145-154. doi: 10.4236/oja.2014.43015.

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