A Distributed Trust Based Secure Communication Framework for Wireless Sensor Network


The wireless sensor network is an emerging technology, which is used to sense and monitor the environment. As the nodes are deployed in an open environment, the security is one of the essential factors. The cryptography techniques can ensure confidentiality, integrity and authentication. However, wireless sensor network also needs to deal with inside and outside attackers. To deal with outside attackers, attacks by compromised or malicious nodes, trust management system is suggested by many researchers in the area of wireless sensor network. Trust management system can be implemented in various applications for security management such as secure data aggregation, secure cluster head selection, trusted routing, access control, etc. Many researchers provide different kind of solutions for these secure applications based on trust management. However, to incorporate, all such applications on a single sensor node in the network, it is essential to design and develop a trust management system, which considers various aspects and applications of wireless sensor network. As a result, in this paper, we would like to propose a parameter and trust factor based secure communication framework and design a trust management system for wireless sensor networks. Our main contribution is to identify various parameters and trust factors which influences on trust in wireless sensor network and developing a framework for a trust management system based on various parameters and trust factors. The working of the proposed model is shown by simulation experiments conducted in MATLAB for the application of secure communication, data aggregation and intrusion detection in wireless sensor networks.

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V., G. and Chandrasekaran, K. (2014) A Distributed Trust Based Secure Communication Framework for Wireless Sensor Network. Wireless Sensor Network, 6, 173-183. doi: 10.4236/wsn.2014.69017.

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