Film-Screen Radiographic Artefacts: A Paradigm Shift in Classification


Objective: To propose a new method of classifying film-screen radiographic artefacts. Methodology: A prospective study was carried out at the Radiology Department of a University Teaching Hospital in Nigeria between June, 2011 and June 2013. Radiographs were assessed with the aid of a viewing box for artefacts which were arranged according to prior classifications by other researchers. They were subsequently grouped according to pre-arranged format into the new classification. Result: The following groups were observed: packaging (dark), procedure (greyscale), patient (greyscale), pre-processor (dark), processor (greyscale) and post-processor (greyscale). Conclusion: Classification of artefacts based on appearance and stage of introduction into film is easier to understand and remember.

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Adejoh, T. , Onwuzu, S. , Nkubli, F. and Ikegwuonu, N. (2014) Film-Screen Radiographic Artefacts: A Paradigm Shift in Classification. Open Journal of Medical Imaging, 4, 108-111. doi: 10.4236/ojmi.2014.43015.

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