Spectral Investigations of Hybrid Nanostructures Including Modified Fullerene C60 and Carbazole-Derivative Fluorophore


Hybrid nanostructures including modified fullerene C60 and fluorophoric (E)-2-Cyano-3-(9-ethyl-9Н-carbazole-3-yl)-acrylic acid (cyanoacrylic acid I) were created. Spectral properties (absorption and luminescence spectra) of the hybrid nanostructures were investigated. It was established what molecules C60 strongly affected spectral properties of cyanoacrylic acid I in the hybrid nanostructures. Luminescence quenching of fluorophore and a change of luminescence features were observed in the hybrid nanostructures.

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Grebennikov, E. , Adamov, G. , Charushin, V. , Levchenko, K. , Rusinov, G. , Zinoviev, E. , Irgashev, R. and Shmelin, P. (2014) Spectral Investigations of Hybrid Nanostructures Including Modified Fullerene C60 and Carbazole-Derivative Fluorophore. Advances in Nanoparticles, 3, 77-82. doi: 10.4236/anp.2014.33011.

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