Paleozoic Exotic Blocks of the Crimean Mountains: Stratigraphy and Origin


Based on numerous geological data obtained by the authors for several decades, the stratification of Permian and Carboniferous ancient and exotic blocks of Crimean Mountains is performed. The sequence of geological events that cause their origin is revealed. Carnian-Norian, Rhaetian-Hettangian and Early-Pliensbachian phases of collapse, sliding and burial of Paleozoic blocks are specified. Final stage (block re-deposition) is confined to the Toarcian and Aalenian ages. The data obtained allow re-interpreting the origin of ancient exotic blocks of the Crimea.

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Yutsis, V. , Stafeev, A. and Sukhanova, T. (2014) Paleozoic Exotic Blocks of the Crimean Mountains: Stratigraphy and Origin. Open Journal of Geology, 4, 364-372. doi: 10.4236/ojg.2014.48028.

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