Determination of the Crust and Upper-Mantle Structure in Anatolia by Surface Wave Data


In this study, the crust and upper mantle structure of Anatolia have been investigated by measuring the group velocity dispersion data of discriminated seismic surface waves. In the scope of the study, it has selected the profiles between six stations located in western Anatolia of Bogazici University Kandilli Observatory Earthquake Research Institute, national network of Turkey, and records of an earthquake (having about 10° epicentral distance) occurred in the eastern of Anatolia have been used. Firstly, surface wave discrimination filter based on the polarization properties has been applied tothree-component recordsand emphasized to surface waves. Then the group velocities have been calculated by multiple filter technique. A five-layered crustal model having total thickness of 38 - 40 km and Pn-wave velocity of 8.00 km/sec in the upper-mantle has been determined through inversion of surface wave group velocity dispersion data in the period range of 10 sec to 60 sec.

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Sayil, N. (2014) Determination of the Crust and Upper-Mantle Structure in Anatolia by Surface Wave Data. Natural Science, 6, 968-977. doi: 10.4236/ns.2014.612089.

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