Meyer-Neldel Rule in Plasma Polythiophene Thin Films


In polymers, the electronic activation energy depends on the fragmentation, crosslinking, dopants, moisture and in general on the structure-environment interaction. This has a special importance in plasma polymers because fragmentation and crosslinking are usually higher than in other polymers. In this work, DC electrical conductivity of polythiophene thin films prepared by plasma (pPTh) was studied using the Meyer-Neldel (MN) rule to calculate the characteristic MN energy and temperature as a function of moisture and metallic dopants. The experimental data for pPTh synthesized in different conditions indicated that EM = 32 meV and TM = 373 K, suggesting a thermally activated conduction mechanism; however, in polymer-metal matrices with metal concentration higher than the percolation threshold, the conduction mechanism is different causing that the MN rule was only partially fulfilled. The congruence of the experimental data with the multiexcitation entropy model is discussed.

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Palacios, J. , Olayo, M. , Cruz, G. and Chávez-Carvayar, J. (2014) Meyer-Neldel Rule in Plasma Polythiophene Thin Films. Open Journal of Polymer Chemistry, 4, 31-37. doi: 10.4236/ojpchem.2014.43004.

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