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Synthesis, Thermal Behaviour, XRD, and Luminescent Properties of Lighter Lanthanidethiodipropionate Hydrates Containing Aminogunidine as Neutral Ligand

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Aminoguanidine lanthanide thiodipropionate hydrates of composition [Ln(Agun)2(tdp)3·nH2O], Agun = Aminoguanidine, tdp = thiodipropionic acid, where Ln = La, Pr, Nd and Sm if n = 2, have been prepared and characterized by physic-chemical techniques.

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Packiaraj, S. and Govindarajan, S. (2014) Synthesis, Thermal Behaviour, XRD, and Luminescent Properties of Lighter Lanthanidethiodipropionate Hydrates Containing Aminogunidine as Neutral Ligand. Open Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 4, 41-49. doi: 10.4236/ojic.2014.43006.

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