Nonlinear Polarizability of Erythrocytes in Non-Uniform Alternating Electric Field


Nonlinear polarizability of erythrocytes in non-uniform alternating electric field (NUAEF) was proved theoretically and experimentally by dielectrophoresis method. The paper presents experimental evidence of the nonlinear polarizability of erythrocytes in the non-uniform alternating electric field. The rotation of erythrocyte around its own axis at more than one revolution per second in the non-uniform alternating electric field in the frequency range and the electric field intensity is the evidence of its nonlinear polarizability. The theoretical analysis of the density of electric charges capable of overcoming the membrane potential was carried out on the basis of statistical mechanics, the thermal equilibrium in which the particle stays. The nonlinear polarizability of the erythrocyte emerges if the voltage on the membrane exceeds , which was theoretically proved. The alternating electric field from the donor erythrocyte with the amplitude exceeding forms the constant component of the current  in the cytoplasm of the recipient erythrocyte whose energy can be considered as a signal one. The nonlinear equivalent electric circuit of the cell was proposed.

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Generalov, K. , Generalov, V. , Safatov, A. , Durymanov, A. , Buryak, G. , Kruchinina, M. , Voevoda, M. and Gromov, A. (2014) Nonlinear Polarizability of Erythrocytes in Non-Uniform Alternating Electric Field. Open Journal of Biophysics, 4, 97-103. doi: 10.4236/ojbiphy.2014.43011.

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