Metaplastic Carcinoma of the Breast: A Clinical Study of 7 Cases from Balochistan

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Metaplastic carcinomas of the breast are rare heterogenous neoplasms characterized by adenocarcinoma with dominant areas of spindle cells, squamous and/or other mesenchymal differentiation, that comprise of <5% of all invasive breast cancers. Our objective in this study was to review the pathological features and clinical outcomes for metaplastic carcinoma of breast in breast cancer patients registered in CENAR (Center for Nuclear Medicines and Radiotherapy), Balochistan. Present study was performed on 7 patients affected with metaplastic carcinoma of breast, who were registered patients in CENAR. Informed consent was taken from the patients and BMI was calculated by measuring the height and weight of the patients. Available clinical history obtained by retrieving the patients file and a copy of biopsy report was also obtained from the file. Metaplastic carcinoma of breast was 4.11% of all 170 breast cancer cases registered in CENAR from 2010-2012. Mean age was 40 years ranging from 25 - 50 years. Four subtypes of metaplastic carcinoma of breast were reported in this study; DCIS component was present in one case and mean tumor size was 6.12 cm ranging from 3.5 - 10 cm. Metaplastic carcinomas of breast are rare heterogenous neoplasm with different characteristics, demographics and tumor biology and accounts for almost >5% of all breast cancer cases.

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Baloch, A. , Daud, S. , Shuja, J. , Ahmad, A. , Ali, F. , Akram, M. , Baloch, D. , Cheema, A. , Iqbal, M. and Ahmad, J. (2014) Metaplastic Carcinoma of the Breast: A Clinical Study of 7 Cases from Balochistan. Advances in Breast Cancer Research, 3, 106-110. doi: 10.4236/abcr.2014.33016.

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