Laboratory Test Bench for Research Network and Cloud Computing


At present moment, there is a great interest in development of information systems operating in cloud infrastructures. Generally, many of tasks remain unresolved such as tasks of optimization of large databases in a hybrid cloud infrastructure, quality of service (QoS) at different levels of cloud services, dynamic control of distribution of cloud resources in application systems and many others. Research and development of new solutions can be limited in case of using emulators or international commercial cloud services, due to the closed architecture and limited opportunities for experimentation. Article provides answers to questions on the establishment of a pilot cloud practically “at home” with the ability to adjust the width of the emulation channel and delays in data transmission. It also describes architecture and configuration of the experimental setup. The proposed modular structure can be expanded by available computing power.

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Pluzhnik, E. , Nikulchev, E. and Payain, S. (2014) Laboratory Test Bench for Research Network and Cloud Computing. International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences, 7, 243-247. doi: 10.4236/ijcns.2014.77026.

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