Entrapment of the Median Nerve by a Muscular Branch of the Brachial Artery: A Case Report


Variations in the arterial pattern of the upper limbs are commonly encountered in routine dissection. In-depth information of the vascular structure of the upper extremities is not only important for diagnostic interventions and surgical approaches, but has medico-legal implications. We report the unusual variation of an additional muscular branch of the brachial artery entrapping the median nerve in the middle of the arm. This anomaly was present in both upper extremities of an adult male Indo-Malaysian cadaver. The abnormality reported here might result in neurovascular compression symptoms in the upper limbs. Knowledge of the vascular dissimilarity of the brachial artery and its division, and possible neurovascular entrapment is important to surgeons and medical practitioners for anticipating nerve compression and for confirmation via motor and sensory examination.

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Samberkar, S. , Kassim, N. , M. Zin, S. and Samberkar, P. (2014) Entrapment of the Median Nerve by a Muscular Branch of the Brachial Artery: A Case Report. Forensic Medicine and Anatomy Research, 2, 51-55. doi: 10.4236/fmar.2014.23010.

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