Adenoma of the Nipple, Mimicking Paget’s Disease of the Breast: Report of a Case


Nipple adenoma is a rare benign condition that simulates malignancy. A 37-year-old woman presented with unilateral bloody nipple discharge for 1-year duration followed by severe nipple erosion. As biopsy revealed nipple adenoma and therefore, complete local excision was done. The final histopathology showed florid papillomatosis which was adequately excised. Nipple adenoma although rare entity this should be included in the differential diagnosis of any nipple erosion such as carcinoma and Paget’s disease of the breast specially when associated with bloody discharge in premenopausal women.

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Abbas, A. , Al-Zaher, A. , El Arini, A. and Chaudhry, I. (2014) Adenoma of the Nipple, Mimicking Paget’s Disease of the Breast: Report of a Case. Advances in Breast Cancer Research, 3, 96-99. doi: 10.4236/abcr.2014.33014.

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