Crohn’s Disease and Urinary Manifestations: A Crohn’s Intestinal Disease Mimicking a Bladder Mass


We report a rare mode of presentation of Crohn’s Disease (CD) in a 17-year-old boy, who was admitted at our hospital due to abdominal pain, dysuria, polyuria and fever. The ultrasound showed an increased wall thickness of the small bowel and cecum and a vegetating lesion adjoined into the bladder. The histology was not suggestive of CD and it excluded the bladder neoplasm. Based on the biochemical assessment and the imaging, we started the treatment specific for CD (nutritional therapy by Modulen, short courses of steroids, azathioprine and mesalazine during the follow up), These treatments improved the gastrointestinal symptoms and the nutritional status of our patient but also induced the disappearance of the mass adjoined into the bladder. In spite of the severe onset, in this patient, the clinical course of CD was mild and responder to conventional therapy.

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Papadatou, B. , Monti, L. , Torre, G. , Panetta, F. and Diamanti, A. (2014) Crohn’s Disease and Urinary Manifestations: A Crohn’s Intestinal Disease Mimicking a Bladder Mass. Health, 6, 1482-1486. doi: 10.4236/health.2014.612182.

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