Polycyclic Evolution of Paleoproterozoïc Rocks in the Southwestern Part of the Mako Group (Eastern Senegal, West Africa)


After an extensional stage giving rise to tholeiitic basalts and gabbros, the south western part of Kédougou Kéniéba Inlier (KKI) was affected by three phases of compressionnal deformation. The first phase (D1) was related to NE-SW stress that led to northeastward thrusting. Early granitoids would be implemented during this tectonic event. The second phase (D2) was due to East-West compressional stress that created combined strike sleep faults: NNW-SSE and NNE-SSW respectively sinistral and dextral. During this phase, some volcanic rocks and gabbros were mylonitized, hydrothermalized and transformed into quartzites. These quartzites were considered as sedimentary rocks in previous studies. Granitic plutons and andesites took place during this tectonic phase. D3 deformation occurred towards the end of the Eburnean orogeny. It would be held in two episodes. In the first episode, WNW-ESE stresses created conjugate shears: sinistral NNW-SSE and dextral NE-SW. In the second episode, stresses moved toward the NE-SW direction and made the resulting brittle structures arranged in NS dextral corridors.

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Ndiaye, P. , Dioh, E. , Diatta, F. , Traore, A. , Fall, M. and Balde, O. (2014) Polycyclic Evolution of Paleoproterozoïc Rocks in the Southwestern Part of the Mako Group (Eastern Senegal, West Africa). International Journal of Geosciences, 5, 739-748. doi: 10.4236/ijg.2014.57066.

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