Systems Dynamics of Sheep Farms and Driving Herds of Faces to the Vagaries of Weather: Cases from the Region of El Bayadh


The cattlemen of the steppe are faced with climate risks whose consequences are at the origin of one of the essential mechanisms of the degradation of resources natural fodder, thus making uncertain the food of livestock. Thus, faces to the changing socio-economic and climatic risks, the pastoral society has implemented different adaptive strategies to ensure the reproduction of its operating systems. The objective of this study is to analyze the patterns of the use of the space of the pastoral area called El-Bayadh in order to show how the actors adopt and adapt the techniques of production available in order to ensure the security of the production of their exploitation in an environment particularly fragile, hostile and vulnerable. It is therefore to take knowledge of the basic strategies implementation and the responses provided by the livestock producers to protect themselves against the consequences of a difficult climate in order to ensure the conduct of the food needs of their animals and the reproduction of their operating system.

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Brahim, M. , Latifa, M. and Fadila, M. (2014) Systems Dynamics of Sheep Farms and Driving Herds of Faces to the Vagaries of Weather: Cases from the Region of El Bayadh. Agricultural Sciences, 5, 583-587. doi: 10.4236/as.2014.57061.

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