Environmental Pollution: The Essence and Solution


Environmental pollution is the result of human activities, which causes carbon accumulation on the earth. The accumulated carbon resides not only in CO2, but also in urban garbage, aquatic weeds, agricultural refuses and other wastes. The forced carbon circulation (FCC) strategy aims to bringing the accumulated carbon back to the ecological cycle through carbonization and carbon reduction. The former changes all refuses to gaseous fuel (ca. 10 wt%) and inorganic carbon; the latter changes all acid/acidic gases (SO2, NOx, CO2) to inoffensive/useful substances with the inorganic carbon. Application of FCC strategy will effectively alleviate environmental pollution in a simple way. However, the essence of environment pollution is the heavy population that cannot be sustained by the earth. Therefore, no technical measure, but politics can solve the problem thoroughly.

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Zhou, L. (2014) Environmental Pollution: The Essence and Solution. Low Carbon Economy, 5, 51-56. doi: 10.4236/lce.2014.52006.

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