The Rare Thoracic Tumor, Askin Tumors 7 Cases Report


The Askin tumour is a highly malignant rare tumour with small cells, pertaining to the group of the primitive neuroectodermal tumours. It develops with the costs of the soft parts of the thoracic wall and it’s characterized by extra and endothoracic fast extension. We report seven cases colliged in our service by specifying the role of the imagery in the diagnosis but especially the assessment of extension of these tumours.

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Moujahid, M. , Ziadi, T. , Rhari, A. , Nador, K. , Serghini, I. and Tahiri, M. (2014) The Rare Thoracic Tumor, Askin Tumors 7 Cases Report. Open Journal of Thoracic Surgery, 4, 27-31. doi: 10.4236/ojts.2014.42007.

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