Transport Properties of Superfluid Dipolar Fermi Gas at Low Temperatures


Transport coefficients of superfluid dipolar Fermi gas are calculated by using the Boltzmann equation approach. The interaction between Bogoliubov-Bogoliubov quasiparticles in the collision integral is considered in binary process. The shear viscosities nxz = nyy↑,nxy; nxz ≈ nyz; and nu are proportional to T-6; T-8; and T-10 , respectively. Also, we have found the elements of the diffusive thermal conductivities Kxx= Kyy with temperature dependency T-5 and Ku which is proportional to T-7 and other components which are zero.

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Dehkordi, M. (2014) Transport Properties of Superfluid Dipolar Fermi Gas at Low Temperatures. World Journal of Condensed Matter Physics, 4, 66-73. doi: 10.4236/wjcmp.2014.42010.

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