Electrodynamics of Inhomogeneous (Laminated, Angular) Structures


The consistent physic-mathematical model of propagation of an electromagnetic wave in a heterogeneous medium is constructed using the generalized wave equation and the Dirichlet theorem. Twelve conditions at the interfaces of adjacent media are obtained and justified without using a surface charge and surface current in explicit form. The conditions are fulfilled automatically in each section of counting schemes for calculations. A consistent physicomathematical model of interaction of nonstationary electric and thermal fields in a layered medium with allowance or mass transfer is constructed. The model is based on the methods of thermodynamics and on the equations of an electromagnetic field and is formulated without explicit separation of the charge carriers and the charge of an electric double layer. The influence of a slowly moving medium on the electromagnetic wave propagation is considered. The calculation results show the absence of the influence of the medium’s motion on the phase shift of waves, which is consistent with experimental data.

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Grinchik, N. (2014) Electrodynamics of Inhomogeneous (Laminated, Angular) Structures. Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications, 6, 57-105. doi: 10.4236/jemaa.2014.65009.

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