An Unusual Intravesical Foreign Body for Abortion Attempt. About a Case Report at Bobo Dioulasso University Teaching Hospital (Burkina Faso) and Literature Review


We reported a case of an intravesical foreign body in a 16 years old teenager for abortion attempt. During laparotomy for suspected pelvic appendicitis, we incidentally discovered an intravesical foreign body. From this first observation in our urology division, we reviewed the literature on the nature and circumstance of self introduction in bladder of foreign body and their surgical ablation. We emphasized the importance of endoscopy as a support of diagnosis and therapeutic of intravesical foreign body. This observation also highlighted the lack of information in our teenagers about reproductive and sexual health.

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Cyprien, Z. , Timothée, K. , Gustave, S. , Adama, O. , Alain, T. , Karim, P. and Adolphe, S. (2014) An Unusual Intravesical Foreign Body for Abortion Attempt. About a Case Report at Bobo Dioulasso University Teaching Hospital (Burkina Faso) and Literature Review. Open Journal of Urology, 4, 33-36. doi: 10.4236/oju.2014.44006.

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