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Model Simulation of Artificial Heating of the Daytime High-Latitude F-Region Ionosphere by Powerful High-Frequency Radio Waves

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The large-scale disturbance of the spatial structure of the daytime high-latitude F-region ionosphere, caused by powerful high-frequency radio waves, pumped into the ionosphere by a groundbased ionospheric heater, is studied with the help of the numerical simulation. The mathematical model of the high-latitude ionosphere, developed earlier in the Polar Geophysical Institute, is utilized. The mathematical model takes into account the drift of the ionospheric plasma, strong magnetization of the plasma at F-layer altitudes, geomagnetic field declination, and effect of powerful high-frequency radio waves. The distributions of the ionospheric parameters were calculated on condition that an ionospheric heater, situated at the point with geographic coordinates of the HF heating facility near Tromso, Scandinavia, has been operated, with the ionospheric heater being located on the day side of the Earth. The results of the numerical simulation indicate that artificial heating of the ionosphere by powerful high-frequency waves ought to influence noticeably on the spatial structure of the daytime high-latitude F-region ionosphere in the vicinity of the ionospheric heater.

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Mingaleva, G. and Mingalev, V. (2014) Model Simulation of Artificial Heating of the Daytime High-Latitude F-Region Ionosphere by Powerful High-Frequency Radio Waves. International Journal of Geosciences, 5, 363-374. doi: 10.4236/ijg.2014.54035.

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