Heterocyclic Synthesis via Enaminones: Synthesis and Molecular Docking Studies of Some Novel Heterocyclic Compounds Containing Sulfonamide Moiety


4-Acetyl-N, N-diethylbenzenesulfonamide (1) was condensed with dimethylformamide dimethy-lacetal (DMF-DMA) to yield the enaminone, which reacts readily with different reagents to give the corresponding pyrazoles, triazolopyrimidine, imidazopyridine, pyrimidopyrimidine, pyrazolopyrimidine, benzofuran, pyranone, pyridine, pyrimidine and pyrazolopyridazine derivatives. These compounds were designed to comply with the general features of sulfonamide pharmacophore which act as Cyclooxygenase (COX-2) inhibitors. Virtual screening using molecular docking studies of the synthesized compounds was performed by (MOE), the molecular docking results indicate that, some synthesized compounds suitable inhibitor against (COX-2) with further modification.

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El-Hameed Hassan, A. (2014) Heterocyclic Synthesis via Enaminones: Synthesis and Molecular Docking Studies of Some Novel Heterocyclic Compounds Containing Sulfonamide Moiety. International Journal of Organic Chemistry, 4, 68-81. doi: 10.4236/ijoc.2014.41009.

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