Mediastinal Hydatid Cyst: Exceptional Location


The hydatid disease establishes a real problem of public health in our country. The hydatid cyst is preferentially located at the level of the liver and the lungs. Its mediastinal location is extremely rare, representing 0à 4% of all the hydatic locations. The imaging plays an important role in the diagnosis of this affection and in the balance sheet of extension in search of another location. The hydatid cyst also raises a diagnostic problem with the cystic hurts of the mediastinum. We report a case of mediastinal hydatid cyst colliged in the service of general surgery at the 5th military hospital.

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Moujahid, M. , Ennafaa, I. , Ghari, A. , Raissouni, I. , Nadour, K. and Tahiri, M. (2014) Mediastinal Hydatid Cyst: Exceptional Location. Open Journal of Thoracic Surgery, 4, 9-12. doi: 10.4236/ojts.2014.41003.

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