Experimental Evaluation of Transmission Loss of a Glass Cylinder Tube Containing a Fluid


Transmission Loss (TL) of a glass cylinder tube containing a fluid is studied experimentally. This test specimen represents a typical double layer panel including a fluid. The tests are carried out by using a modified four-microphone standing-wave (impedance) tube for specimens with different lengths, 15 and 30 mm. Each cylinder tube is tested filled with one of the fluids at a time. The fluids are air, water, motor oil and a nanoparticle fluid (in absence of magnetic field). The effects of the cylinder length (thickness), impedance tube terminations, and the containing fluid are discussed. The increasing of the thickness led to an increase of the TL values and a decrease in resonance frequencies. Also, the addition of liquid middle layer led to considerable increase of the TL.

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Mohammadi, N. (2014) Experimental Evaluation of Transmission Loss of a Glass Cylinder Tube Containing a Fluid. Open Journal of Acoustics, 4, 13-19. doi: 10.4236/oja.2014.41002.

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