Bessel Function and Damped Simple Harmonic Motion


A glance at Bessel functions shows they behave similar to the damped sinusoidal function. In this paper two physical examples (pendulum and spring-mass system with linearly increasing length and mass respectively) have been used as evidence for this observation. It is shown in this paper how Bessel functions can be approximated by the damped sinusoidal function. The numerical method that is introduced works very well in adiabatic condition (slow change) or in small time (independent variable) intervals. The results are also compared with the Lagrange polynomial.

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Asadi-Zeydabadi, M. (2014) Bessel Function and Damped Simple Harmonic Motion. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 2, 26-34. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2014.24004.

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