Intellectual Property Knowledge at the University’s Information Environment: A Comparative Study


The paper aims to present some of the main findings from the first stage of realization of the scientific project of the State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (SULSIT). “Analysis of the Common Practices in the Use of Products of Intellectual Property in University Information Environment” (2012-2014), financed by National Science Fund of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, Contract No. DMU 03/3-19.06.2012 in competition for “Young Scientists”, led by Dr. Teresa Trencheva. The project aims to explore the mind and culture of behavior among young people in Bulgaria, particularly students, to protect intellectual property on the Internet. The paper summarizes the results from the empirical study “Intellectual Property Protection on the Internet”, conducted among the students in nine Bulgarian universities accredited in the educational and professional field “Public Communication and Information Science.” The survey aims to explore, analyze and summarize the level of the respondents’ familiarity with the issues related to intellectual property protection from the lectures at the university, and what is also their attitude about the preservation and protection of copyright in the Internet. The data were accumulated in the period October-November 2012.

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Trencheva, T. and Denchev, S. (2014) Intellectual Property Knowledge at the University’s Information Environment: A Comparative Study. Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 4, 130-136. doi: 10.4236/ojapps.2014.43013.

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