Social Influence of Migrant Workers’ ICT Using in China


Social influence is one of the most important factors in changing one’s behavior. There are many factors included in social influence of migrant workers’ information communication technology (ICT) using in China. For example, family, friends, related agencies such as Trade Union and the Department of human resources and social security, and the leaders of villages, play important roles in influencing the migrant workers community to use ICT equipment. The primary research method is quantitative. There are 200 migrant worker respondents from 4 provinces. The result indicates that social influence on migrant workers’ ICT usage is not high. Colleagues, family, and villagers do influence migrant workers’ use of ICT. The lowest mean score in this research is relating to the relevant migrant workers agencies.

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Mao, C. (2014). Social Influence of Migrant Workers’ ICT Using in China. Advances in Applied Sociology, 4, 37-39. doi: 10.4236/aasoci.2014.42007.

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