Physics as Final Opportunity to Prevent Harms Related to Theatricalization of Meteorology

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Using Mbane Biouele formula derived in 2009 on the troposphere thermoelastic properties leads to thermal and kinematic profiles of major atmospheric disturbances which clearly indicate that these terrible events for men should not be viewed with fatalism. This unexpected truth is unfortunately always obscured by media outlets of brilliant TV presenters or famous workshops panelists that focus attention on the excessively sensational meteorology (unfortunately folk and pernicious) instead of worrying about the seriousness that should characterize all interventions on the climate study or prediction. Good weather conditions, it is undeniable, facilitate an excellent running of almost all human activities like sports, transport, agricultural activities, celebrations of events, etc.... Far more serious, the advent of supercomputers and satellites could, if their valuable information is used solely for the theatricalization of weather events, trigger the decline of the scientific discipline of great public utility that is meteorology. Indeed, many meteorologists acquire very big head when they succeed in acquiring advanced equipment. Without prejudging what meteorology will become in the future, we hope that the work done in this article will remind each researchers that much remains to be done to promote climate studies. We remind quite emphatically that both hurricanes and cyclones have their weak-points (or talon dAchilles in French) and thus, researchers should begin to think about how to neutralize atmospheric disturbances that have both a large and a strong destructive power”.

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M. César, "Physics as Final Opportunity to Prevent Harms Related to Theatricalization of Meteorology," Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, Vol. 4 No. 1, 2014, pp. 131-136. doi: 10.4236/acs.2014.41015.

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