MHD Flow of a Non-Newtonian Power Law through a Conical Bearing in a Porous Medium


The problem of analytical study of the MHD effect through a porous medium of the non-isothermal flow of a non-Newtonian power law lubricant through the gap of conical bearing through a porous medium when an external magnetic field is applied. At first, the more general basic equations of motion, continuity and energy in curvilinear form in the width direction are derived. Then, as a special case, a conical bearing gap is considered. By integrating a modified form of Reynolds equation, the bearing characteristics for a non-Newtonian power law lubricant when an external magnetic field is applied through a porous medium are obtained. Numerical results were presented in each of these forms: pressure, temperature and capacity of the conical bearing. The effects of the parameters of the non-Newtonian power law, magnetic field and porous medium are shown and discussed.

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G. Abdel-Rahman and A. Al-Hanaya, "MHD Flow of a Non-Newtonian Power Law through a Conical Bearing in a Porous Medium," Journal of Modern Physics, Vol. 5 No. 1, 2014, pp. 61-67. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2014.51010.

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