Vortex Field Propagation in a Hexagonal Multicore Fiber Array


The propagation of an optical vortex in a hexagonally arranged single mode multicore fiber structure is investigated for possible generation of additional vortices and their spread dynamics. Fields are separated into a slowly varying paraxial envelope and a rapidly changing exponential component. Solutions are derived from the paraxial inhomogeneous Schrodinger equation in two dimensions along with the index of refraction of the proposed structure. Numerical analyses are based on the beam propagation method and transparent boundary conditions in matrix form with different parameters to represent the intensity and phase of all derived fields. Vortices are numerically identified by their points of zero intensity and their phase change or polarity. The optical interferogram with a plane wave reference is also employed to distinguish the dislocation points in the transverse directions of the propagating fields.

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M. Mushref, "Vortex Field Propagation in a Hexagonal Multicore Fiber Array," Optics and Photonics Journal, Vol. 4 No. 1, 2014, pp. 1-7. doi: 10.4236/opj.2014.41001.

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