Evaluation of two methods of estrus synchronization of cattle in Chad


The results of an artificial insemination experiment carried out in the suburban area of N’Djamena are here reported. Two methods of synchronization (Norgestomet combination/estradiol/PGF2a/PMSG and PGF2a only) were used with Chadian zebu and crossed breeds in 2007 and 2008. Females were inseminated after induction of estrus with semen of French Normand breed. The fertility rate was low with PGF2a (29.41%). The results obtained with the combination of several hormones were better (66.66%). The survival rates of crossbreeds were particularly low, 40% in 2007 and 33.33% in 2008, mainly due to the traditional management of the herd and the lack of technical support. The insemination cost of a cow was 39,550 F CFA in 2007 with PGF2a and 59,200 F CFA in 2008 with the method consisting of combining of four hormones. The cost of producing a calf in those two years was very high, 134,470 F CFA in 2007 and 118,400 F CFA in 2008.

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Zeuh, V. , Youssouf, M. , Dingamtar, N. and Dezoumbe, D. (2014) Evaluation of two methods of estrus synchronization of cattle in Chad. Open Journal of Animal Sciences, 4, 13-17. doi: 10.4236/ojas.2014.41002.

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