Fuzzy Controller Based 3Phase 4Wire Shunt Active Filter for Mitigation of Current Harmonics with Combined p-q and Id-Iq Control Strategies
Mikkili Suresh, Anup Kumar Panda, Y. Suresh
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As more and more variable frequency drives (VFDs), electronic ballasts, battery chargers, and static Var compensators are installed in facilities, the problems related to harmonics are expected to get worse. As a result Active power filter (APF) gains much more attention due to excellent harmonic compensation. But still the performance of the active filter seems to be in contradictions with different control strategies. This paper presents detailed analysis to compare and elevate the performance of two control strategies for ex-tracting reference currents of shunt active filters under balanced, un-balanced and non-sinusoidal conditions by using Fuzzy controller. The well known methods, instantaneous real active and reactive power method (p-q) and active and reactive current method (id-iq) are two control methods which are extensively used in active filters. Extensive Simulations are carried out with fuzzy controller for both p-q and Id-Iq methods for different voltage conditions and adequate results were presented. Simulation results validate the superior per-formance of active and reactive current control strategy (id-iq) with fuzzy controller over active and reactive power control strategy (p-q) with fuzzy controller.

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M. Suresh, A. Panda and Y. Suresh, "Fuzzy Controller Based 3Phase 4Wire Shunt Active Filter for Mitigation of Current Harmonics with Combined p-q and Id-Iq Control Strategies," Energy and Power Engineering, Vol. 3 No. 1, 2011, pp. 43-52. doi: 10.4236/epe.2011.31007.

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