Management of influence of using of fertilizers on soil quality: The case of nitrate pollutants


Contamination of soil and water contributes to the reduction of economic income, and also has an impact on economic development and management organizations and services. In order toavoid excessive use of nitrate fertilizers we maderesearch through systematic laboratory study of applying the basic chemical and physical analyzes of selected soil samples. In this research, we apply the method that was studied movement of nitrate solution in two soil types (sand and loess), since the impact of fertilizers on the environment depends on the soil types and its category. As the result, we got accurate functional dependences of sufficiently step height of soil and the concentration of nitrate ions and those can find a specific application in agriculture for these two types of soil, and may be sufficiently adequate substitution for the field investigations. The aim of the study was to investigate the most important negative environmental and economic consequences of the using of artificial fertilizers and to show that soil tests in the laboratory can be an adequate substitute for a field test because of economic savings. The comparative analysis of experimental and numerical results for nitrates leaching in different soil types were concluded.

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Nesseef, L. , Marković, D. , Marković, D. , Jovšić, D. and Jovanović, Z. (2013) Management of influence of using of fertilizers on soil quality: The case of nitrate pollutants. Open Journal of Ecology, 3, 489-494. doi: 10.4236/oje.2013.37057.

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